Exploring PDX

roaming Ashland

Jun 30, 2004 by josh |
Day 120

While making my way down to HSMF I was with two friends. We arrived late in Ashland, OR. Home of one of the biggest Shakesphere Festivals and went looking for music. Ran into a guy debating to play for the night. Told him about my music quest and he liked the idea. We went to grab a bite and return. He had left by the time we returned.

So, my friend Annie decided she would sing to me. The song was from her younger days and band in 9th grade. The title was "Forty-one"? I think. It was about some football player. It was a nice little tune she sang to me on the streets of Ashland. She wanted recognition and here it is. Thanks Annie.

We did continue a bit more and found a Guitar player sitting in the circle in downtown Ashland. I sat and listened to some tunes before we took off for HSMF.

Green Room Song Writers

Jun 29, 2004 by josh |
Day 119

Hanged out at the Green Room listening to some local artist and one from Austin Texas. Was a very relaxing time resting up for the next 5 days of High Sierra Music Festival!!!

relax for 2 days

Jun 28, 2004 by josh |
Day 118

Need to find a relaxing time for two days as HSMF is coming up in 3 days and want to get some rest in to prepare.

-- Ended up over at Moon and Sixpense after a wonderful dinner with friends that have been hanging at some of the music festivals with me. Listened to Johnny Connolly & Friends while catching up on my journal writing.

Northwest String Summit

Jun 27, 2004 by josh |
Day 115-117

Spent the weekend listening to some great Bluegrass. Music started at 5pm on Friday with a band competition and then till late with Yonder Mountain and others playing. The pickin' in the trees would last all night long. That part a really enjoy. Walking around hearing people just gathered at the campfires playing and enjoying the scene.

Saturday had music start at 12 and go until 3am with Hot Butter Rum playing next to the river. That was really great. I then found another band just playing at their site gathering new friends and naming off songs to play and solo pieces here and there. They would good. The Bango player was reading the music and directing the other 6 people playing along. They even took my friend singing a song and they picked it up and played it. Brought in surronding crowds participation. Sun was about to break so we crashed.

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song writers and pickin'

Jun 24, 2004 by josh |
Day 114

Started off at the Red and Black Cafe for some song writers singing. R&B had some nice organic Coffee and beers. Didn't get around to trying some of the beers and ciders but will be back for those.

Then it was over to set up for the Northwest String Summit. Just set up camp and hanged out to some of the first musicians that want to start playing. The next three days will be full of them throughout Horning's Hideout.

oh, the places to go

Jun 23, 2004 by josh |
Day 113

I want to try to head over to Mississippi Studios and catch Trespassers William then go over to Moon and Six Pense and see Trashcan Joe. Not sure where I'll end up as of yet but those top the list.

-- Saw Trespassers William. They are similar to Mazzy Star with their sounds. Mississippi Studio is a very intimate venue. Seats only 30 some and sounds good. I then went to Portland City Grill for some sushi and piano then over to the Green Room and listened to some Reggie music. That place was pretty darn full. Popular place to hang for the music and the band was good.

Green Room chill

Jun 22, 2004 by josh |
Day 112

Hanging at the Green Room tonight to see some friends and hear some new music.

-- Listened to some new players. As usual, some good, some bad but all worthy of support. The green room had a good crowd tonight.

relax in doors

Jun 21, 2004 by josh |
Day 111

Well, I'm going to relax all week with easy music and cheap eats and prepare for another weekend of camping. Two weekend events down and three to go. So for tonight I'll go find an air conditioned room and listen to something light and have a salad and avoid the heat.

-- Chilled at Mississippi Pizza Pub and listen to yet more new artist. Good hang time to new tunes.

The String Cheese Incident

Jun 20, 2004 by josh |
Day 110

The final 4 day event and 3 days of Cheese. Had great expectations to see Hamsa Lila play all night as they did last year. It was a pleasant song that filled the woods and gave a relaxing time. Unfortunealying the noise complaints caused them to shut down all the music including the drums for the fire dancers. Still the closing day was fun and had an enjoyable time even with the hotest day of temps above 90.

The String Cheese Incident

Jun 19, 2004 by josh |
Day 109

Another day of cheese but this time the rain came and a noise complaint from the night before ended up pushing the show forwarded by an hour and then having me miss the first set as I was cooking dinner for a bunch of people. Still a good show and fun times. I saw Xavier from Australia play and he did a one man show that was great.

The String Cheese Incident

Jun 18, 2004 by josh |
Day 108

Opening shows and then The String Cheese Incident took the stage opening with my favorite song - Smile.
Was a great first day show. Enjoyed it all. Up late having a blast and enjoyed watching the freaks of the world make their own music.

The String Cheese Incident

Jun 17, 2004 by josh |
Day 107

Saw Zilla tonight. Along with a huge variety of music throughout the Hideout. Great place for a musical festival. Got to love Horning's Hideout.

Zilla was better this time. Enjoyed their music better then LV last October.

John Bunzow

Jun 16, 2004 by josh |
Day 106

Went to the Rock Creek Tavern and saw John Bunzow perform. I like him. I'll have to see him again. Just listened for over an hour and relaxed in preparation for the 4 days of Cheese.

and they thought I'd quit

Jun 15, 2004 by josh |
Day 105

Well, It is just another day to go out. But wait, There is out door music today!!! Going to the Red Shed to see some Irish Tunes on Tuesday.

-- Hanged at the Red Shed and listened to Cary, Johnny, and another play some good tunes. Beautiful evening.

bonnaroo review - 2004

Jun 14, 2004 by josh |
Day 100-104

Crazy, stinky, muddy, crowded, exciting, fun, huge, intense.
I could go on with many adjectives to describe how the last few days have transpire. There was a lot of wacky people all on a farm for a long weekend. How many? Well, try 100,000 on 700 acres. Then add in the fact that on Saturday it rain almost 4 inches and brought lots of mud. Interesting things I saw but the biggest thing that stuck in my mind was the lack of musicians playing in the parking lots. Now granted it was wet and muddy after the first day and on the last I saw a full bluegrass band all playing, but not much. Outside the one band, about 3 guitars, 1 bango, one harmonica, two drums, and a small guitar. That was the most discouraging thing. There was no community of music people having a great time playing and socializing. The east coast folks just keep to themselves and go to the shows. I did see lots of people and crashed an RV with my friend in which they gave us beers but all in all I'd say about 2/3 of the people were not so friendly. too bad.

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one day shy

Jun 09, 2004 by josh |
Day 99

Wow! Almost 100 days of live music. It has been fun. Seen so much and have enjoy the company of many. Met new people and explored new places.

Today is another day of rest before 4 days of big time music festival. Yes, this festival will be outside PDX a bit - Tennesse - but I'm destined to go and go I must. 70,000 people and music for 4 days. Why not go? It is also the beginning of my 5 weekends of festivals. I'll be traveling to TN then a couple here in portland then down to California and then down to Veneta. busy next few weekends but that will be closing in on the end of 143 days of music. Will I stop is the next question. I may have to continue for 40 more days just to do 6 months of music. Who knows. I'll leave that up to chance and my desires along the way. I do want to experience some other events as well.

breathing slower

Jun 08, 2004 by josh |
Day 98

Kicked back at County Cork and listened to pieces of Taarka play while catching up on some reading over an ice tea and a bowl of soup. CC has become more crowded for the last two weeks. Not sure if that is from Taarka playing again or change in the weather.

slow tunes

Jun 07, 2004 by josh |
Day 97

Relaxing at Imbibe and/or Mississippi Pizza Pub. Avoiding smoke and loud tunes for a while. Time to rest up for the next five weekends. The summer has begun and the outside music is going to be apon us shortly.

-- Hanged out at Mississippi Pizza Pub and listened to some more new faces around town. There were many. Interesting open mic there. Still like that place a lot.

Relaxing for Bonnaroo. It is coming up upon me in a big hurry.

Jun 06, 2004 by josh |
Day 96

Relaxed and rested my body from an all night party event last night. Today was just some drums, electric guitar and other percussion sounds @ First Sunday Fire Dance.
Then over to Moon and Sixpense for some Foghorn and tea. Three more days until the first big music festival. Relax for three days to the softer side of PDX.

Higher Ground CD Release Party

Jun 05, 2004 by josh |
Day 95

Heading over to see Higher Ground at their big CD Release party at Conan's. It will be a fun time of craziness. Then slipping out to a big private party to see my friends from BOM jam.

-- The show was fun and time to dance. After a warm up of HG I went out to a house party where Buds Of May were playing and having a blast. Did some more dancing and some on fire. Played in the mud as it was raining off and on. Still warm and fun.

lots of music

Jun 04, 2004 by josh |
Day 94

There is so much music to see in town today and I have b-day parties glalore. No idea where I'll be heading tonight. Have dinner plans then off to see what is happening and some dacing here and there. I do want to stop by Slabtown and see Scraf and Jakob play a bit. New place for music for me and I haven't seen them play in a while.

-- Ended up seeing music a different variety. Stopped by Vine Leaves for a drink and saw some guitar player singing. Stuck my head into Imbibe to watch Freak Mountain Ramblers and say hello to people. Then went over to see Dr. Theopolis. Although he got a late start and another band opened which I didn't like so much I did enjoy his show. Crazy dancer and lots of funk grooving.

First Thursday

Jun 03, 2004 by josh |
Day 93

Walked the streets of NW and listened to Bart Ferguson and a variety of street song folky people. First Thursday now has a big stage at the Fountain near the Go by Street Car Building. The place was steaming with lots of activity and fun times. It has to be one of the best things to do in town. First Thursday that is.

HH & Storm

Jun 02, 2004 by josh |
Day 92

Well, I went to see what was playing at Imbibe. It was Little Joe. Decided that I didn't want to see old time bluegrass and headed out. Was planning on going to Storm and the Balls 2nd year anniversary but decided to just hang and read. Then a friend called and asked if I was going. So, decided to head over there. That turned out to be a good idea. Met up with some others visiting this fine town and had a good time. Stay out late and enjoy the night.


Jun 01, 2004 by josh |
Day 91

Hmm, I think I'm just ready now for Bonnaroo. I have one other show this week that I want to see and then the rest is about next week going to TN and spending time with 70,000 other people. OH, that will be a blast.

-- So, I ended up chillin' @ the County Cork to Ennion and Penta then after that headed over to the Green Room where I ended up meeting someone who I and a friend talked to about doing a musical festival. Now that sounds like fun. The GR was song writers. Saw some new talent in town.