Exploring PDX

Grand Lodge

Jul 31, 2004 by josh |
Day 151

Went out to Grand Lodge and listened to Big Mama Gail. Wasn't really impressed with her. So, I listened for a while then headed out to entertain myself in other fashions.

floating along

Jul 30, 2004 by josh |
Day 150

No idea where I'll be heading tonight. It is Day 150. Sort of odd as I pass through these days that were so far away months ago. Wow, something like 5 months of doing this so far. That is a long time. Hmm, I guess that classifies as insane.
I do go on and have plans for almost most nights coming up. So it is easy to see what to do and where 180 will be here on Sep2 or so and boom! I'll be off to another goal. Need to come up with some other items to review and take better notes. Oh, wait I'm not taking any. Okay, so my goals will be to add a DB to the website. Include fields as I go to what are important and add a rating system for others to rate the places.

-- Ended up at Boon's Treasury in Salem listening to Russel St. Regulars. Good Bluegrass band. Didn't look around the place much. It was the typical McMennimans venue. Not much of a crowd there.

Running and...

Jul 29, 2004 by josh |
Day 149

Well, I did see a guitar along the Columbia Classic Run. Then afterwards went to the newly remodled Bitter End Pub and listened to a band I have not seen before. The lead singer played Guitar, Drums and Trumpet throughout the set. The Drum also would play guitar and switch a bit. Was interesting. The sound was mixed really poorly and I should have informed them that the vocals were all messed up in the house. Oh well Still enjoyed the company and a beer I haven't had in a long time.

Another day on the job

Jul 28, 2004 by josh |
Day 148

Where to go. Hmm. Might go to Rock Creek and See Stephen Ashbrook but then again I may go down to Salem to check out BOON'S TREASURY.

-- Ended up at Rock Creek and saw Stephen Ashbrook. Time to relax and get some writting down. Was good.

Dancing at Tabor

Jul 27, 2004 by josh |
Day 147

Going to hit Mt. Tabor for the last night. Hmm. Music seleciton of Johnny Martin (dance floor romance) ought to be interesting. I'll need to find a dance partner.

-- Didn't get much dancing in but did enjoy the music. It was what I expected and that was okay. I haven't seen ballroom music in a while. I, as was everyone else, treated to two people doing swing dance. They were really good.

Kathy @ Sellwood Park

Jul 26, 2004 by josh |
Day 146

Off to SellWood to see Kathy and the last show of the summer at Sellwood Park for PDX Parks. Should be a fun evening and I hear rumors there will be fire dancing.

-- The music was okay. Others expected it to be more soulful and rocking and were disappointed after listening to their CD. But it is always fun to hang at the park with friends on lovely nights as last was. We did end up fire dancing and I had a great time. Heck, some leftover folks next to us decided it was best to go topless. Now those ladies had a great idea.

Bela Fleck @ the Zoo

Jul 25, 2004 by josh |
Day 145

Well, I'm still at it and today's show will be Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Zoo. Should be a big crowd at the zoo tonight. The temperature as dropped a lot and good music is playing. I expect high crowds to welcome these lower degrees.

-- The show was great. Funny sounds and a bit techo but hey they have a guy from 2050 what do you expect. Still lots of fun and they played longer then any music I've ever seen at the Zoo. 9:45pm! Long solo's and a great solo by Bela to end the night.

Just Can't Get Enough

Jul 24, 2004 by josh |
Day 144

Well, I think I'll just go for 180 days. Heck, who knows when I'll stop. But it there is so much good music for the summer that it is really easy to just keep going. As for tonight I have many thoughts but in the end I'll be over at Biddy McGraw's to see Higher Ground. I haven't seen them since OCF. Just need to figure out who to see before that. Perhaps Cross-eyed Rosie Quartet is the way to go. I'll have to see where my nose leads.

-- Well, I saw Cross-eyed Quartet and Higher Ground. Both were fun shows. Tomorrow is already planned as is the week. hmm. on the downside.

Last day?

Jul 23, 2004 by josh |
Day 143

Well, today is the 143rd days of live music and I've been thinking about what I'm going to do. I pretty much have decided to keep going. To go until 182 or 6 months of music. Why? Oh, why not. Heck, maybe I should just stop on my birthday or something. That is in September and heck I could just not going to music that day. But then again there is a big festival and fund raiser put on by my friends so I'll need to go to that.
In either case I'm going to see music tonight and talk to some friends and hangout somewhere where it is a bit cooler. This 100+ weather will be a killer. I'll need to find outside music after the weather goes down on Sunday.

-- hmm, so I ended up at Mississippi Studies to hear Pete Krebs, Jaycob Van Auken, Lara Michell, and Stephanie Schneiderman. I enjoyed the Songwriters in the Round. Hear some new and old songs. I liked Jaycob a lot. He did some very high energy songs. It is odd to me as to how MS makes any money. Sure they charge $10 but still with only sitting 20-30 people and then after you pay the Musicians how do you make enough money. He may be making money recording as well that is enough as he does have a recording studio upstairs.
After the performance I went over to the Green Room to see Sweetjuice perform one set. Those guys are always a blast to see. Fun and good set. Playing really well and their new song "Go" was really good.

Youssou N'dou @ Zoo

Jul 22, 2004 by josh |
Day 142

The Zoo with Youssou N'dou was a great show. I liked the music and the crowd was huge. Even with the 90 degree weather there were people dancing and having fun. His music was great. I dislike the silly Encore practice but I do like the music.

Zoo for some BlueGrass

Jul 21, 2004 by josh |
Day 141

Going to the Zoo to see some bluegrass music from a new artist. Need to research the entry lines and see if favorites are played.

-- Well, the Zoo was slow so no special lines opened. The super security gaurds were better this time. The music was good and I ran into some friends. That is always fun. Good night at the zoo all said.

Mt. Tabor Park

Jul 20, 2004 by josh |
Day 140

Heading over to Mt. Tabor park to listen to some music and have a light snack before a run. Perhaps I'll see some bears out in the woods.

-- Wasn't too impresed with the music at the Park. It was crowded and fun to see it just not my choice of music.

Dublin Pub

Jul 19, 2004 by josh |
Day 139

Went to the Dublin Pub for open mike to see a friends band perform along with others.
Now the interesting thing of topic was the discussion how the Dublin Pub used to be a hot hangout for college kids in the 90's. Now it seems to have fallen to the side and not have such a big crowd. Been there a few days and the music selection seems to have down as well. Have been there a few times this year on different days but haven't seen the days of yesterday where the place would be crowded and full of lively people. Only guess is that the booking agent has changed and the owners not caring that much.


Jul 18, 2004 by josh |
Day 138

Well, I went out to Church at Laurel Thrist to see the Freaks. The population was down a bit but then again it is middle of summer and was 90+ degrees out there. Cooled down by 8pm and in the shade just really hot still.


Jul 17, 2004 by josh |
Day 137

Saw the Buds of May @ CPR and the brewers festival. The beers were okay. Not really impressed with any McMennimans beers. This is the only time you can try Brewers unusual brews but still nothing spectacular.
The BOM were good and fun like always. Good to see them on teh 4th day of music still going strong. Met some old friends of there's in town visiting. Good evening.

Sunnyside School Park

Jul 16, 2004 by josh |
Day 136

change of mind... Going to Grand Lodge to see some Beach Grass music. Have a salad and chill.

-- Listened to Beachgrass. They were okay. Not excited about them. Played some good music. More interesting watching some of the patrons and delay start and how they handled that.

It's a beautiful day @ Zoo

Jul 15, 2004 by josh |
Day 135

Back to the Zoo to see It's A Beautiful Day. They were promoted as being Psychodelic Rock. Well, maybe one day back in the 60's but there was hardly any songs that made me think of the sixtys and some tripping rock. Again not a big fan. Also, I had an unpleasant experience at the Gate this time. The security guy was really into inforcing and threating me if I played with my Poi. Not a happy experience. I'll need to address that with the Zoo. I became a member on Wednesday and it was great going through the member line. The none member line was free this time so I went through that and was completely searched. Hmm, do they favor members. I'll have to research this and see then complain.

Music @ the Zoo

Jul 14, 2004 by josh |
Day 134

Went to the Oregon Zoo and saw The Iguanas. Heard they were a rocking group. Well, I think they actually have become a jazzy style relax music. Being from New Oreleans I'm sure they were influenced by the sounds from there. Not a big fan of them but do enjoy the concerts in the Zoo.

Then went to the sweat shop in the basement of the Blue Monk to see the Buds of May and Moses Guest. Ran into many friends. Good times jut need better air conditioning down in the basement.

Music @ Mt. Tabor

Jul 13, 2004 by josh |
Day 133

Heading to Mt. Tabor to see Mollybloom play some bluegrass. Bringing a snack and enjoying these hot days.

-- Saw Mollybloom and liked them. I'll seek them out and see another show from them. Tabor was packed on the second week of shows. The park shows are gaining some large crowds of families out to enjoy a picnic in the park. Enjoyable place to be.

Sellwood park

Jul 12, 2004 by josh |
Day 132

Went to Sellwood park and listened to a Big Band Swing. The singer was not so good but the music was enjoyable. Practice some more poi tricks and started to think about new double tricks and worked on those. Talked to some good friends and hanged over some food and drinks.

day 3 of OCF

Jul 11, 2004 by josh |
Day 131

Music is still everywhere at the fair. Finally was able to see Adam and Kris and chat with them for 3 seconds before and after their show. Listened to The Renegade Saints then a bit of Everyone Orchestra followed by Higher Ground to close out the fair. Off to work afterwords. Would hear the "house" band playing all night. Tried to find some fire dancing but missed that. Was bummed about that. Wanted to see them and possible dance. Another time. Would go to bed some what early as I need to work the next day but the music would fill the air as I begun to sleep. Next year I need to take Monday off as well if I'm going to stay inside.

Day two of OCF

Jul 10, 2004 by josh |
Day 130

Today started out with a visit to The Ritz. The sauna at OCF is a fancy place. It is a place to been experienced. Heck, they even have music in there.
Worked a bit at 11 then off to see more music and fair items. Would missed the fire show tonight for those on the outside but would see some midnight shows inside the fair. The show is more a organized political musical. Fun stuff but only want to see some of that. So wandered more.
Many booths are open 24 hours in the fair and you get to try different items. It is a little village in the woods for 4 days. Heck, I think half the people at the fair are working or family of those working the fair.

Day one of OCF

Jul 09, 2004 by josh |
Day 129

The first day of the fair brought some excellent music. Starting with the crazy March 4th Marching Band and then The Paperboys. The music would continue all day with great bands being reunited to others that I have not seen. Danced and found everyone that was coming to the fair. Exciting times.
Would make a trip out to my car, which was parked in the Out of Site Parking. About a mile away. Get a limo ride back from the parking crew who - takes care - of you. We would go around and see Fire Dancing inside that was the best performance I ever seen. Great new tricks to learn.
Music still playing everywhere in the woods.

OCF arriving

Jul 08, 2004 by josh |
Day 128

Well, I arrived at the fair to find that my friend Wendy found this little elf campsite hidden behind some other kids. We settled in and then went for a walk about. Saw lots of people playing music and just jammin'. This would continue all weekend long all throughout the fair 24 hours a day. In fact, the 'house' band right outside our trail would play all night long on Sunday night.
The Oregon Country Fair is a fun place and having been honored with being able to stay inside was a fun experience. From listening to my great bands, looking at fun art to soaking in the Ritz the Fair is a great place to see.
Said hello to all the wonderful folks at Roll On Egg Roll then continued the orientation.

Another day at the park

Jul 07, 2004 by josh |
Day 127

Heading over to Dawson Park to play there this evening. Weather has improved and looks good for the evening. 6:30 to hear some steel drums.

-- Like the Park music. Was great to sit and listen to another new band. Talked to Kristan Knapp who runs the Summer Concert Series and has for the last 24 years. She is doing a great job. I'll be hitting most of the park Series.

Portland Parks Concert

Jul 06, 2004 by josh |
Day 126

I'm going to head over to Mt. Tabor to see the New Iberians. I think this month will be all about supporting the Portland Parks Concert Series. I like the idea of sitting in a park and listening to music while enjoying a snack and drink. During the concerts you may drink Alcohol and I like that. The recognition that adults can be responsible. This is an event and series that everyone should support. One of the best summer events in town.

-- Mt. Tabor had a good turn out to hear The New Iberians. I ran into the guys at LotDog Coffee which I know and chatted a bit. I'll be back there to see music. Need to go earlier as the space is not huge. Still a fun place a great cause. Met the lady who has been running the Park Series for 24 years now. It has grown into a great event that is actually run by local volunteers in each community. That is cool. They get to pick the music and vendors. Nice touch.

The way home

Jul 05, 2004 by josh |
Day 125

Woke and made the trip home. Did good time but now think if I go back I'm taking off more time and just spending it slowing coming back. It was pleasant to travel with Ira and others and get to know them better. I did go to Moon and Sixpense and listen to Johnny Connally and friends. Was really tired and couldn't stay long but when I walked into the Moon and heard the Irish tunes coming from the corner I was delighted to be there and hear such wonderful sounds. Brought a smile to my face.

hsmf day 4

Jul 04, 2004 by josh |
Day 124

Wow. Now day four and starting to need a bit more rest. With music at 10:30 and happy Hour parties evening followed by Late Night up till 5am partying. So, I relaxed and enjoyed the weather and saw some music and enjoyed a few bands.
Then while walking towards the Leftover Salmon show at the Grandstand I guy who I learned to be name Rod asked me and my friend Wendy to carry a Salmon for the parade. Well, it wasn't a really parade but a school of Salmon made out of pulls and we would carry above our heads and make are way through the crowd at the show for the first 4 or 5 songs. It was a blast. We were treated to Beers and other treats as we walked all the way to the front waving our salmon to Leftover Salmon. I ran into many who knew us and had great fun. That might have been the highlight of the weekend. Being completly silly and being part of the event. Stopped and spun some poi glow sticks this girl had and enjoyed a beer before continuing with the salmon.
Would return the salmon and see more of the show. Then on the way back run into Ally who I met two nights before. We would do luge shots and I would help her do one upside down. Oh the fun!
Would end up staying up all night again wondering around playing with the "Blink Blink" and meeting old friends and keeping them up with our toys. Was a great last night at the fair. Retired early. 4am.

hsmf day 3

Jul 03, 2004 by josh |
Day 123

Saturday opened with the second best new band I've seen this year. Delta Nove. They have lots of great energy and were bringing guest up to the stage all morning. Fun to see them.
I then saw some Moonshine Still and made my way over to see Mary & Mars who were performing their last show as they will be breaking up. Good bluegrass.
Then it was over to the Grandstand to see Ex-Centric Sound. Liked them as well. There is a lot of good music at HSMF. Starts around 10:30 and goes tell 5am or later. The only thing that annoyed me was the additional cost for each late night I had to pay. Granted I only paid for 2 and was given access to one other but at $20 a night that adds $80 more to your ticket and $120 if you purchase the all access all night late night pass. That is the way to go if you know you will be up.
Late Night I would see Railroad Earth and Leftover Salmon. I really enjoyed Leftover Salmon.
Prior to the late night fun I sat and watched Libby Kirkpatrick, Hot Buttered Rum, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes along with those mentioned above. Lots of music.

hsmf day 2

Jul 02, 2004 by josh |
Day 122

Cooked Pancakes with Pancake Sauce this morning. Then headed out into the wild to see more music. Saw some of the Snake Oil Medicine Show and then watched Xavier Rudd while drinking a Pan Galatic Gargle Blasters.
He is the best new artist I have seen this year. Everyone agreed he puts on a great show. Something everyone should see. The Friday Show was so much better then Thursday. Of course it did ran Thursday making it 4 weekends of festivals and at least one day of ran each weekend.
I would run into many new faces on Friday and share many experiences. I spent the day walking around listening to music and see some other things the Festival has to offer.

HSMF day 1

Jul 01, 2004 by josh |
Day 121

High Sierra Music Festival
Woke and started the day. I had arrived at 4am and crashed. It was a nice fun arrival waking up Wendy and John. Sent Annie and Ira to find their comrades.

I would see lots of music and run into Scrafford from the Buds of May who was working the show. He would take us into the late night of the Radiators. Get back to sleep around 5am. This concept would continue. That is, stay up late and wake by 9:30 to have breakfast and go back out to see the shows.