Exploring PDX

Green Room Song Writers

Nov 30, 2004 by josh |
Day 273

I'll be making my way down to once again support the song writers of portland at the Greenroom. The place has changed hands and has kept the Tuesday night song writers. Nice idea. The menu has also changed and improved. More offerings. Still have yet to try it all out. Perhaps another option tonight.


Nov 29, 2004 by josh |
Day 272

Went to the Mississippi Pizza Pub to listen to some new artist. The place was unusually empty. Only a few on hand. I'm guessing the cold weather and rain drove many away. Mississippi has become a great place to hang. The pizza and salads are great, the back room bar has good wines at great prices and the smokeless venue is a driving force for me to return. They are remodeling a bit to include more room space into the stage area. The place has grown a lot in the last year to be good venue for music.

pairing music and wine

Nov 28, 2004 by josh |
Day 271

Went on an Wineology tour today. Washington county put on a series of classes over the weekend teaching history and differnet styles of wine making. Organic to tasting lessons to history of oregon wines. I spend today going to 4 different and new winaries. Attended 3 classes and was matched tasting with Wendy and Natolie who were performing Violin and piano at Oak Knoll. They have a CD entitled "Melodies from the Vines". Playing classical tunes while tasting wine. I actually expected to find more performers out there but perhaps the 38 degree weather scared them off.

Scraff Trance Trio

Nov 27, 2004 by josh |
Day 270

Going to go see Scraff play his trance trio at Poor Richards. Then perhaps hit Lewi Longmire's CD release party at White Eagle.

-- Well the evening started out with the Scraff Trance Trio putting on a great show. The music was wonderful. I'll be seeing these guys again. The celebration of Pam's birthday added a great party scene.
I headed over to the White Eagle at 10 upon arriving I wasn't informed that there was a dress up party. No worries as Adam East who was helping to promote the new Lewi Longmire Cd escorted me to the haunted upstairs rooms where he presented a slew of options to get in spirit. This across would then lead to a fantastic adventure of music. After Lewi put on an excellent show and the Eagle was needing to close we moved upstairs to waiting rooms. Now, this cool thing here is that I then got to see Lewi, Mike D, Adam East, Jordon, and Jackie all do singer song writer jam. Passing the guitar around and standing on the bed to perform was a great close to my evening. Or Morning at this point. These people are great. Their love for music immense and the fun times always just around the bed post.

Pioneer Square and christmas carols

Nov 26, 2004 by josh |
Day 269

The tree lighting in portland was peared with Linda Hornbuckle singer then leading carol singing of all gathered in the square. I then saw Sidestar out at Rock Creek. They are pretty good. I then got a fire in my pants and wanted to go to the Bitter End and see Scraff. Turns out that they performed at 8:30 so I missed them. Chatted with them while listening to Fractal. Headed over to Poor Richards to see another band and check out the venue as the Scraff Trance Trio is playing tomorrow there. Had a great night of popping all over town.

Turkey Day

Nov 25, 2004 by josh |
Day 268

Went up to Seattle for Turkey Day. Had dinner then headed to downtown to see some music. All were cancelled. It was early so I headed back to portland. I thought about it on the drive back that I had already heard music. My Nephew playing his trumpet. When I arrived in Portland I found the candlelight to be going great with Metro pumping out the blues. Lots of dancing and a full bar. Great to see Portland was having fun with music for the holidays.

Rock Creek

Nov 24, 2004 by josh |
Day 267

With out of town guest that require all ages I headed over to Rock Creek for some fries and tunes. I don't recall the guy playing but he did many covers and his originals. Solo guitar player. He was okay.

Greenroom for more local tunes

Nov 23, 2004 by josh |
Day 266

Green Room and more local singer song writers. Some are always just okay it is the one or two that song great that you like to hear. Donovan is now taking over the song writers as Trevor is making a big move out of town. He played tonight and that was great to hear.

Tuck and Patty

Nov 22, 2004 by josh |
Day 265

Went and saw Tuck and Patty at the Aladdin. They have been playing together for 24 plus years. Doing the duo and having fun. Tuck is a great guitar player and Patty does some great skat. Jazzy acoustic music. Something I haven't seen. At least not with vocals.

HG recording for cable

Nov 21, 2004 by josh |
Day 264

Higher Ground did a recording for open access television with the first episode from the Rycycling barn out at Horning's Hideout. They are promoting music in the area with Bob from Twice Bake and one other from Morf putting in the effort to produce local music. A good cause that I hope continues.

Rock Creek

Nov 20, 2004 by josh |
Day 263

Went over to Rock Creek again to see Wildseed. They are a weekend band. Playing old rock and roll. They had a good crowd. Older guys who play well. Funny to hear from a bar mate that they compete to see who has more blisters. Or was it complain about them. They don't play that much if they are getting blisters. Still did some good covers with one or two originals that I heard.

so many shows

Nov 19, 2004 by josh |
Day 262

Another big night of music in PDX. Not really sure where to go but I do want to hit the Buds of May show and hopefully see some of the LIfe After LIftoff CD release show. Want to get all my stuff together to record some of these shows. Still behind. That is a goal for the weekend. We will see what happens.

-- Well due to being a bit under the weather I decided to go see Eight Minute Dream at Rock Creek. Two played from the band. Some good rock with southern style. I liked them although I felt like doing very little.

Mississippi Studios and folk music

Nov 18, 2004 by josh |
Day 261

Mississippi Studios to see Adam & Kris, Corinne West w/ Alan Glickenhaus, & Sally Tomato. There is an intimate event at Mississippi Studios tonight with some great song writers. MS only holds about 30 people. This is a close quarters living room style event. I'm sure it will sell out given the lineout. I'll see where it goes.

-- It was a great night of music with Adam & Kris then Corinne & Alan. Had a fun time and the place had a good crowd. Even made it over to Pasta Banks across the street to a new place and talked to Polly Banks the owner who was tending bar.

David Wilcox @ Aladdin

Nov 17, 2004 by josh |
Day 260

hey, Only 105 days to go until a year. Well I make it? I don't know but have many shows upcoming.

For tonight I'm going to see David Wilcox at the Aladdin. I like his music and haven't seen him in a while. I also hope to make Unhappy Hour at Dante's but that is still up in the air. Last week they cancelled.

-- Finally made it over to Mike D's Unhappy hour. It was a good time with me, Wendy and Kris from Sweetjuice as the only guest for a while then an addition of a slightly crazy lady, another lone dude, and 2 others. Mike does some lyrics that you just won't hear any where else and which touch on issues that we all relate. He would ask Kris to come up and sing a couple of songs as they had not seen each other in a while. A great start to the evening.

Next Wendy and I took off to Aladdin to see Ashleigh Lynn followed by David Wilcox. The first time I saw him was 1.4 years ago at the PDX Zoo when he played opened for Suzanne Vega. David is a great story teller and adds these opening and banter to all his songs that flow and bring in the audience into his songs. He changes up the songs each time to a slightly different version and yet you still feel party of the story.

Alberta St. for some Irish

Nov 16, 2004 by josh |
Day 259

It was an impromptu concert and last minute announcement but a duo of flute and Guitar from Ireland was in town so I went to Alberta St. Pub and listened to some gigs and other Irish tunes. A very sit and listen event. Good music and nope, I don't remember the names. Good folks doing a tour here. I'll have to find our their names but Alberta like most pubs do a poor job of updating their site and thus their schedule. This should be a priority. Let the people know you have the show.

Vancouver, WA for some Hawaiian music

Nov 15, 2004 by josh |
Day 258

On an invite to head north I'm going to try to go see a band at some unknown location, that plays hawaiian music. I'll see what happens. I may hit a few shows before them as they start late. Just see where I end up.

-- Went by Mississippi Pizza and heard some song writers and a couple visiting from Australia came by and played. They were good. Guitar and Mandolin. Liked them.

I then made it up to Bobby McGee's to hear Kala Koa. They did Hawaiian music base with covers and originals. Their music was fun party music. They enjoyed playing and showed. The kick back style of those who like to play. Bobby McGee's was an okay place. The venue became crowded later as the evening progressed. Not so sure it is that great of a place. I do think Kala Koa should try to get some gigs in PDX if they haven't already. I'd say go listen to some tunes on their site but they are lacking there and on the ability to purchase their CD. They do sound good and I enjoyed the show.

Craig Carothers @ Kennedy

Nov 14, 2004 by josh |
Day 257

I think I'll be seating down at the Kennedy for a little sound writers songs from CC and friends. The last one there was an enjoyable experience.

-- I and others enjoyed listening to one of the oldest song writers from PDX. Not that he is that old but that he has been writing for a long time. Craig brought John Konce another local artist and Randy Sharp from LA who I liked a lot. That with Tim Ellis playing lead guitars for each brought together another great musical evening.

jaming at the jasmine Tree

Nov 13, 2004 by josh |
Day 256

The venue is one that doesn't get much seen but I was told that a bunch of musicians that I enjoy were getting together to see what they could create. Was a round robin with Jim Bull leading the additions of others as they came and went from the stage. Some good sounds were coming from the Tiki Longe at the Jasmine Tree SW 4th and Harrison.

Higher Ground @ Bitter End

Nov 12, 2004 by josh |
Day 255

Spent the evening with a little dance and good music to HIgher Ground and at the end special ,pulled from the audience guest, Scraff from Buds of May helped close out the last set. The Bitter End needs to get its new look and promotion out the door. The place is a little slow since the change but I imagine after a little time we will see more information and a bigger venue again. It is nice and I do like the addition of the couch areas once again.

RC for some John bunzow

Nov 11, 2004 by josh |
Day 254

Decided to spend a little time listening to John Bunzow at Rock Creek. I don't think I've heard him before but have seen his name around. Did many covers and many that felt slower then what I expected. Then again that is what a cover is all about. Performing in your style.

Rock Creek after no unhappy hour

Nov 10, 2004 by josh |
Day 253

Tried to see Dante's unhappy hour at 6pm but it was a no go. So, later headed out to Rock Creek to see some new artist but it turns out that the information was wrong and Lynn Conover and Kevin were playing. Too bad, wanted to hear some new folks. Oh well was funny to listen to Lynn and her banter.

Greenroom songwriters

Nov 09, 2004 by josh |
Day 252

Hanged down at the Greenroom for some new song writers. Saw a few a liked and deserve to find them. One named Tre who had a very Jack Johnson style. Decent crowd turned out to enjoy another round of new singers in PDX.

Mississippi Pizza Pub with John Vecchiarelli

Nov 08, 2004 by josh |
Day 251

Went to listen to new songwriters perform at Mississippi Pizza Pub with John Vecchiarelli hosting. The music is good to hear but today I didn't hear anyone that stood out from the rest. I still enjoy listening to new people.

Laura Gibson & Chad Bault

Nov 07, 2004 by josh |
Day 250

Went to Mississippi Pizza pub and listen to Chad Bault. I did hear Laura Gibson do a sound check before Chad started. She sounded great. Unfortunately I had to leave before she sang for what was to be her CD release party. Chad had the great wonderful time of live performances with broken guitar strings. He handled that fine and then sang for a crowded house. He had a good sound but seemed really loud for the venue. It could have been turned down a bit and still have been a good show.
I now need to make a time to go see Laura.

House Concert

Nov 06, 2004 by josh |
Day 249

Corinne West is on a Northwest to Canada tour and decided to do a house concert here in portland as one of her shows. She was to perform with Alan Glickenhaus from Higher Ground and the night set out to be a wonderful event with people coming from a long distance to enjoy a smaller show. After some complications at the first house we all made the best of it and travelled to another place and set up the concert. 20+ people enroute to find a place to hold a concert. It turned out to be a pleasant experience. With broken chairs and spilt wine by yours truely. It still was a wonderful evening of music. Alan would end up picking with Corinne to make a wonderful partner for the evening.

Sweetjuice @ the Imbibe

Nov 05, 2004 by josh |
Day 248

Had a great time hanging at the Imbibe listening to Sweetjuice power up the place with great tunes. Fun times. Still like that place. Ran into some old friends and meet some new ones. Always a treat.

BGap for new music

Nov 04, 2004 by josh |
Day 247

Since I'll be at the Buffalo Gap any way and haven't seen Fairly Honest Jon & the Truth I'll check them out. Heck, might head else where as well, just see where the night takes me.

Diggabone @ Amnesia Brewing Company

Nov 03, 2004 by josh |
Day 246

Going to go to Amnesia Brewing and see if they have their beers yet and see Diggabone. Haven't seen them but their music sounds good off the website.

Drunken Flies & Green Room Songwriters

Nov 02, 2004 by josh |
Day 245

Started election night 2004 at the County Cork listening to the Drunken Flies as the results started to come in further. I then moved to the Green Room to listen to the local artist as the sad news about the state of our country unfolded. Hopefully this doesn't mean those GOP war lovers will now want to spend the next 4 years trying to get rid of all the good music too. I suppose they will be distracted with their war for a while. Hopefully they actually decide to do something good for this country but I kind of doubt it as I don't think they really care. Too bad to see the GOP fall apart from what was a decent party with decent concepts. Now it seems to be want to say their God is bigger. They really should get out and listen to some music and fill their souls with something good. Then perhaps they will change their ways and follow those values they say they have.

Produce row Jazz Jam with Ron Steen

Nov 01, 2004 by josh |
Day 244

Went to Produce Row and saw the Jazz Jam with Ron Steen hosting. It was packed and fun. It also appears like PR now accepts credit cards. Used to be cash only. I'll have to research that more. The music was good with guest from all over coming in and the place was hopping at 11pm with new musicians replacing the old constantly.