Exploring PDX

a little music and story telling

Feb 24, 2005 by josh |
Day 358

Chilled at Alberta St. Pub to some bluegrass/oldtime players while waiting to rendez-vous with Jay from the Willamette Week. Seems they were interested in a story and to promote music I think why not. I have a story you all get to decide weather it was worth telling. Nothing too exciting just some music for a year.
It was good to talk to some one with another point of view. Enjoyed that new information and maybe something I should have done earlier just to get more ideas. But then again I don't have to stop going to music just maybe not every day.

closing in on the end

Feb 23, 2005 by josh |
Day 357

Well, no idea if it will be the end but I do know I'm celebrating a year of live music in just over a week. Need to get things in order and see what I'm missing. The music is pretty much finished with great help from the bands. The beer is ordered and now I just need to survive the week and a bit and order some food.
As for tonight I'm going to head over the the Museum After Hours. Haven't been over their and I usually enjoy the food and the music. Besides supporting the museum is a great thing. Heck, I'm a card carrying member.

-- Well didn't make it to the Museum instead went over to the Imbibe and heard Box of Chocolates. They have one member from Freak Mountain Ramblers and the music is totally different. Jazzy. As told to me by my friend travelling with me this evening that it is cool to see members from another band playing other projects. The style changes and other music they like to perform. I agree, this is a cool thing seeing all the different styles of music that one person plays in different settings.

a little taste of Ireland

Feb 22, 2005 by josh |
Day 356

Craving a bit of an Irish stout I headed towards County Cork and had me a Murphy's Stout to accompany the Drunken Flies. A 1/2 sandwhich and soup as well. Easy night out need to get all fit and rested for the big weekends ahead.

I want some pizza

Feb 21, 2005 by josh |
Day 355

Craving Pizza I headed down to Mississippi Pizza to hear music and get a slice and a salad. Was happy to see the local guitar player there. Playing his deep blues like voice folk. Good voice. I'm trying to remember his name. Grr. Al forth, Al frank. Ah, I'm sure I'm all wrong. In either case a great local singer. I'll have to find it out and chat with him. I guess another Monday night session is in order. The MP pub has grown in the last year and is a great place. Good food, good music and liking the venue.

Bethany Village Grill

Feb 20, 2005 by josh |
Day 354

Went to see Band of Others @ Bethany Village Grill play the open mic. Not many are their on Sunday but we chatted from a distance with the band. Who asked if we wanted to play. It was open mic. Well, I volunteered my friends Marimba playing skills but no instrument in the trunk so that was out. Maybe next time. The three playing are good. The one guitar has a very interesting effects that are applied and altered throughout. Many Beattle covers without the words and played in a style that challenages you to identify it. Or maybe that is just me and not being the huge Beattle fan.

day 2 of the juice

Feb 19, 2005 by josh |
Day 353

Sweetjuice played the westside 45th St. Pub. Another night of meeting more folks and having a great time. Last show to see Kris for a month as she is off to go work in the movies for a month. Ok, assist others in the movies. Noticed for the second night they had an additional drummer and percussion. Liked that. Been liking many who have two drums or more then one percussion playing.

First of two SweetJuice

Feb 18, 2005 by josh |
Day 352

Haven't seen Sweetjuice and a while and thought to make a weekend of it. They haven't played out at Rock Creek since the rebuilding so I went out to enjoy a pint and hear one of my local favorites. Had a great time and a good turn out. Saw old friends and spread the word about the upcoming party.

Stephen Ashbrook

Feb 17, 2005 by josh |
Day 351

Went to the Imbibe to do some research and listen to Stephen Ashbrook. Since I'm going to have a party there in a couple weeks I wanted to research the place more and get a fresh look at what to expect. I still like the place and I think the party will be great. Details to be worked out.

Ron Hughes @ Bethany

Feb 16, 2005 by josh |
Day 350

I saw that Ron Hughes was playing Bethany Grill and I didn't want to drive that far. Bethany is smoke-free, has a good menu and near by. Good things. Over heard the Owner (or I thought was the owner) talking about the place and what he decided to do. Learned he has a band which explains the growth of live music that was happen. On Tuesday's there is a big Jazz open mic I that gets together. Sounds like a fun thing to attened. I'll have to do that one Tuesday night.

Zen Tricksters

Feb 15, 2005 by josh |
Day 349

Saw the Zen Tricksters for the first time at Lola's room. The crowd was really small and everyone who knew them a few years ago said they used to fill the Crystal Ballroom upstairs. I thought they were pretty good and I had a great time dancing and being silly. That is until the drama came about. Silly stuff people do.