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closing in on the end

Feb 23, 2005 by josh
Day 357

Well, no idea if it will be the end but I do know I'm celebrating a year of live music in just over a week. Need to get things in order and see what I'm missing. The music is pretty much finished with great help from the bands. The beer is ordered and now I just need to survive the week and a bit and order some food.
As for tonight I'm going to head over the the Museum After Hours. Haven't been over their and I usually enjoy the food and the music. Besides supporting the museum is a great thing. Heck, I'm a card carrying member.

-- Well didn't make it to the Museum instead went over to the Imbibe and heard Box of Chocolates. They have one member from Freak Mountain Ramblers and the music is totally different. Jazzy. As told to me by my friend travelling with me this evening that it is cool to see members from another band playing other projects. The style changes and other music they like to perform. I agree, this is a cool thing seeing all the different styles of music that one person plays in different settings.


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