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A year later

Mar 03, 2005 by josh
Day 365

So, it has been one year. With tonight I will have been out for a year. Of course I plan on seeing music for the next 2-3 days. I have my big party on Saturday and others to support on Friday I'm sure some where.
Not even sure where I'll tread tonight. Feeling better today so I need to do some research into what is happening about town today. I'll have to see what places I find that I have yet seen and if they are showing something. Was invited out last night to the Open Mic at the 45th St. Pub which I haven't seen. I was told it was more like an open mic for bands then song writers. Evidently a large event so I'll have to check that out on a future Wednesday. It's always great to hear of more places promoting music.

Well I ended up spending my birthday with some of the people that have supported me from day one down at the Buffalo Gap for the First Thursday Variety Night. These and more I'll be spending my days with for the next 3 days. These of course are artist and other music lovers like myself. They have all encouraged me to go out and seek new music, introduce me to new musicians and venues, and applaud my efforts.
So being a year old now I realize that other things I enjoy have been set aside while I stuck to my goal. It was like deciding you want to run a marathon then actually putting in the effort to achieve the goal. Sure their are days when you just want to stay in and not go out. Days of complete musical boredom, but I hardly had a day past when I didn't smile while out, be cheered up by the sounds of a familiar instrument. These days I'll cheerish the most as I wasn't expecting much, just some run of the mill players and to find a great guitar player or be dazzled over a new instrument. These things kept me going and wanting to find more.
I only hope that perhaps this encourages others to go out and see live music. Support local bands. The type of music is unimportant but the supporting and encouragement of music at all ages is something that we all can use. When I was just a lad I was forced at times to practice piano and other instruments and now I'm happy I had the oppurtunity. I better appreciate what it takes to play well and since I've seen many of these bands numerous times to play consistant is also a great achievement. Cheers to them all. Hope to see all of you on Saturday for a pint or three.


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