Welcome to Media Campus

We have been live streaming for over 20 years. First starting out by sharing our friends productions with the world. Now having grown into a full live streaming production company we have help many others do the same.

We have an excitement and passion to share all productions with the world.
From a small arts project to a full corporate presentation, we have explored and helped all forms of businesses share their projects and dreams with the world.

We believe that everyone and every project should be shared live with as many people around the world as possible. That through sharing your event live you increase the opportunity to build more fans and followers of your work. To have your work expand past your immediate circle of influence and suddenly become something know throughout the world. Video is a powerful medium and live video brings an even more impact with live interaction between you and your followers.

Live Streaming

With over 20 years of live streaming events from weddings to multi stage festivals we have you covered. We can design and implement solutions for Free to watch to Pay-Per-View solution. Understanding not all live events are created equal and each has it’s own goals and concerns to make it successful. Contact us, so we may help share your event with the world.

Video Installations

Having designed many video solutions from small place single rooms to large outdoor arenas, we can help you design the perfect solution for your place of business. From single camera to multiple camera productions, we have solutions for all locations.


We also provide consulting services to help you make wise decisions about how to go about live streaming your event. Do you need multiple cameras, pre-roll, graphics, how to advertise, where to advertise, which platform to use, etc. There are any complex questions in how to produce a live event and how to make it successful. We are here to help you feel confident going into the new world of live streaming.