Aviva’s Bat Mitzvah

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Live chat : Welcome to the Chat! Please be kind to all.2024-04-07 06:29:18
Barbara Tuerkheimer : Mazel Tov to Aviva and your wonderful family!2024-04-13 09:52:34
Barbara Tuerkheimer : Mazel Tov to Aviva and your wonderful family!2024-04-13 09:57:18
Phyllis Garelick : Dear Aviva and family,2024-04-13 10:04:45
Phyllis Garelick : I am so happy to be able to watch2024-04-13 10:05:06
Phyllis Garelick : Aviva2024-04-13 10:05:12
Phyllis Garelick : 's Bat Mitzvah on zoon. Congratulations!2024-04-13 10:06:27
Cousin Lisi : It's great already watching the "pre-game"--all the mishpacha milling around!2024-04-13 10:06:45
Barbara Tuerkheimer : Mazel tov to Aviva and your wonderful family!2024-04-13 10:08:05
Jean and Larry : So happy that we can share your Bat Mitzvah with you all. Jean and Larry2024-04-13 10:09:36
Cousin Becky : So happy to celebrate with you remotely! Congrats to Aviva!2024-04-13 10:14:16
Renie and Norm : Celebrating with you! Congratulations to Aviva and her wonderful family.2024-04-13 10:15:52
Deb, Dylan and Leo : Mazel Tov, Aviva, and much love to you and your family from Evanston!2024-04-13 10:16:30
The Preizler's : Mazel Tov, happy to be celebrating with you.2024-04-13 10:20:11
The Preizler's : Mazel Tov! Happy to be celebrating with you from Madison.2024-04-13 10:21:07
Rob McCall : Congrats, Aviva! All the best 🙂2024-04-13 10:23:39
Bunny and Bill: : So happy to join you on this special occasion of Aviva"s Bat Mitzvah. Mazel Tov to all the family🙂2024-04-13 10:24:13
Cousin Lisi : This is your season, Aviva and you are blossoming like the spring2024-04-13 10:29:56
Lou Diamond : Congrats Aviva, Mazel Tov! So happy to be celebrating with you!2024-04-13 10:30:21
Alan Tuerkheimer : Mazel Tov, Aviva! We are so happy for you and proud of what you have accomplished. Love, Alan, Lisa, Jacob and Lizzy2024-04-13 11:50:10